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Why Acupuncture? How can it help you?

Well first off, acupuncture is awesome! It is a holistic approach to health that looks at the WHOLE person not just individual symptoms, like the Western medicine approach. We are living beings and are in constant flux... our lifestyle, diet and daily actions have an impact on our health. It is therefore important to see the whole picture in order to get to the root cause of what's going on! Acupuncture, and the other TCM modalities are also really relaxing (yes, even though you have needles in!) so why not come relax and unwind in comfort while receiving a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment that is best suited to YOUR needs. I offer treatments, for both men and women, addressing a wide

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hey there!

I'm Krista George

I'm a small-town Acupuncturist and proud IVF Mama! Most days you can find me at home, either in the office helping other mamas (and those in the making) feel great with a little TCM magic or spending time hanging out with my little mini's! 

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