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My Fertility Story Part 1

Originally featured in The Holistic Parent Magazine POSITIVE CONCEPTION -Learning to Life in the Wait I am 1 in 6. I am and will always be an Infertility Warrior. I don't think you ever really leave your fertility journey behind. It is part of your story, your journey, your entire life. You may eventually reach your destination, like when you finally get to meet your baby, but you are so often thrown back onto the rollercoaster as you continue to move through life. I was blissfully unaware of the world of infertility prior to getting married and trying to conceive, as I am sure many of us are. You never think you could be one of those “stats” you hear about until one day you are. I spent the

Have You Gua Sha'd Today?

You are going to see an Acupuncturist so you are only going to be getting needles right? Yes and No, needles are the main tool in an Acupuncturist's Tool Box but not the only one. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a number of modalities that work along the same principles to help support the healing of the body. There is Eastern Nutrition, Tui Na, Cupping, Moxa and Qi Gong to name a few... but I want to let you in on another tool that most people have never heard of here in the West- Gua Sha. Gua sha is one of several non-needle tools, it’s often used in combination with needles but It can be used as a stand alone therapy in its own right. So what is it? Gua translates to scrape and Sha means

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