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Body, Belief &  Behaviour


FET Prep Plan

Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET) are high stakes.

You have done your IVF, you have paid a lot of money and you now have some very precious embryos in the freezer waiting to become your baby!  

I have been through this successfully, myself, with my daughter and am ready to dive back into this exact plan as I prepare for my new FET. 

*Ask about signing up at your next appointment*

Pay and Register right away only $37.00

Conceive the possibilities

Courage, change, confidence


TCM + Positive Conception the Way to Conception


Infertility is a long and tough road. 

Positive Conception™ is the bridge between the dark and lonely path and one of empowerment, illumination and support, that will allow you to keep LIVING your best life in the wait.  



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers an abundance of health and lifestyle methods that we don't think of in the West. Learn some new philosophies and improve your health and fertility along the way.

More details coming soon!

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