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How One Woman Stayed Positive While Trying To Have A Baby After Miscarriage

Originally Featured on HuffPost Canada- Parents (Edited by Isabelle Khoo) Krista George lost her first baby when she was 11 weeks pregnant. Name and partner's name: Krista & David George Occupation: Registered acupuncturist and founder of Positive Conception Age: 29 City: Kitchener, Ont. Years trying to have a baby: Four When the "mom gene" kicked in: I always knew I wanted to be a parent, but it became much more apparent as our friends began having children. The importance of being a parent for me has always come from the idea of being able to share the experiences I had growing up with children of my own. I have a lot of love to share, and as much as I love my dog, he would never fill the

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I'm a small-town Acupuncturist and proud IVF Mama! Most days you can find me at home, either in the office helping other mamas (and those in the making) feel great with a little TCM magic or spending time hanging out with my little mini's! 

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