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Little Help to Get You Through Your Journey

I know how hard dealing with infertility can be, I have been there!
The testing, IUI's & IVF... I have put together some useful resources over the years that I want to share with you, in hopes that it makes your journey a little easier and hopefully more successful too!
Home decor

Fertility Affirmations

Great resource to download and use daily, It's time for some positive self-talk (write out your favourites on post-its for around the house)

Two Pens on Notebook

Ready to post affirmations

4 beautiful affirmation cards you can print and post right away!


Press away your stress

Acupressure points for stress and anxiety

Meditation Hand Gesture

IVF Meditation App

Check out Mindful IVF for some guided mediations


Dirty Dozen

Clean up your beauty & house hold products (look out for & try and avoid these chemicals)

Bike Basket Box


Going through IVF? Make up this little survival kit!


Thrive in the TWW

Great resource to get you through those tough two weeks...



Great resource to keep you organized during your IVF cycle 

Print 1-2 pages as needed

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