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The Next Chapter - Fertility Story Part 2

Well, where did our story takes us next? Hello Motherhood! I honestly I had no idea what to expect. "Mom" was a role I didn't know if I would have... I welcomed my new role with open arms, just as I did my little girl- my rainbow, the little embryo that could! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows... The lack of sleep was hard, breast-feeding was up & down and returning to work at 5 weeks tested me but I was grateful for it all. Just as I was grateful for all the shots that got me pregnant and the nausea & vomiting throughout my pregnancy that meant I was finally going to be someones mom after 5 long years, it was all worth it! They say that kids grow up too fast and I tend

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hey there!

I'm Krista George

I'm a small-town Acupuncturist and proud IVF Mama! Most days you can find me at home, either in the office helping other mamas (and those in the making) feel great with a little TCM magic or spending time hanging out with my little mini's! 

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